ETH Miner P2(AM400)- 400 MHS

300000 руб × = 300000 руб


Hash Rate: 400MH / s ± 5% (mineral pool operator force) Power: Platinum Power 1500W (wall) boxes to send power 2000W (wall) Energy efficiency: platinum power 3.7W / MHS boxes get power 4.1W / MHS Temperature: 58-61 degrees core (ambient 30 degrees) Noise: 57 dB (environment 32 db) Cooling: 8 0.48A 6CM fan Operating instructions: 14 LED status indicator Network connection: Ethernet port (compatible with Wi-Fi is available since the purchase) Power input: 12V DC 4 6Pin PCIE power connector (just take 2) Interface : Ethernet Mining machine specifications: 517mm * 125mm * 63mm Controller Specifications: 122mm * 122m * 50mm

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